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4 Ways to Guarantee Your Pet Stays Safe and Happy Forever

4 Ways to Guarantee Your Pet Stays Safe and Happy Forever

Pet ownership tips from the experts that many dog owners simply ignore... at their own peril.

I’m a pet lover and have enjoyed pet ownership for my whole life, but sometimes even long-time pet owners can get caught off guard. Even the most contentious pet owner sometimes gets surprised with a challenge they never dreamed they’d face.

And if you’re new to having fur babies, I’m especially sure that these invaluable tips will make your life MUCH easier.

Here are the ultimate top tips to ensure your loveable pet stays healthy and happy over the long term and you enjoy many fun years with your loveable pet.

Tip #4 – Don’t wait to get help for behaviour issues.

It can happen to even the best of us, training doesn’t seem to “stick” and you feel “stuck” with a dog you love but a behaviour that, well…stinks.

You start to blame yourself, blame your dog, or blame your spouse…stop.

Get the help you need right away and saver yourself a world of frustration and tears. Check out your local listings for dog trainers, but don’t stop there. Make sure you do a bit of a background check-up on the organisation. Find their testimonials, visit their Facebook page for clues about what customers think of them, and even more importantly — call or visit them yourself to find out what their methods are yourself.

Once you find a trainer you trust, you can expect to begin to see big changes in your dog’s behaviour, but it’s important you back up the training at home and stay consistent with the advice your trainer gives.

Tip #3 – Exercise, explore, and have fun with your pet

Your pup can’t tell you he needs this with words, but he does communicate it in other ways. When you start to notice unwanted behaviours like excessive barking, destructive behaviours, and just plain nervousness, that’s a signal to you that your pup needs to get out and explore the wide world a little more.

Take her out each day for at least 20 minutes to walk outside of the home. Let your pup explore a little bit – it’s in her nature!

Remember your pup is just like a member of your family — she’s not going to be happy unless you give her some quality attention. Make sure to show your dog attention every day to show her you care. Whether it’s playing catch with a disc, practicing tricks, or old fashioned chase and race, your pup with thank you.

Tip #2 You CAN feed your pup some table scraps, but no cheating!

It makes me cringe every time I see it — dangerous food passed to dogs. We know packaged food isn’t good for our pets, but sometimes it the temptation is too strong. Their puppy dog eyes are begging for a treat, so what’s the harm. Well the truth is — this junk food can be horrible for your dog’s health.

Just don’t do it.

So what CAN you feed your pet?  Here are several pet treats that get the approval of pet experts and your pet WILL thank you for these delicious treats:

  • Cooked chicken off the bone
  • A sample of your morning oatmeal (before you add sugar of other add-ins)
  • Carrots
  • Blueberries – They give your pup the same benefits as they do for you!

#1 Tip to keep your dog safe and happy… get a quality collar that makes identifying your dog INSANT

If you want to keep your pet safe and happy for years to come, there is ONE thing that you always need to remember.

Always have your dog’s ID information attached at all times!

 It is hard to believe, but over HALF of pet owners NEGLECT to do for this for their pets and that one mistake can cost their pet’s life. Over 100,000 of our furry friends ending up in the shelter EVERY YEAR!

I never want this to happen to my pet or yours… Prevention is key to keep your pet safe and avoid the heartbreaking outcome of pet loss.

The fact is, Most ID tags just don’t last. When I noticed how many dog tags needed to be replaced because of poor, shallow etching, I decided something needed to be done. I was tired of wasting money on something that was hard to read, and I wanted to make something much more secure than just a cheap metal clasp holding the most important information to reunite me with my best buddy.

With this bold collar and clear embroidered text, you can be sure that the most important information you have is right there in easy-to-read font and you can be identified FAST, which makes your reunion with your pup that much sweeter.


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